We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity headquartered in Fargo, ND that repairs cars for needy members of our community to help enable their ability to be independent and self-sufficient. By providing free car repairs, we are able to keep their vehicles on the road and safe. We utilize volunteer labor, discounted parts, and charitable donations to cover the costs of repairs.

Additionally, we take donated vehicles and repair them so they can be given to needy members in our community who do not have any vehicle or whose vehicle is beyond repair.

Higher Power Automotive Ministries

Do you have a passion for cars? Do you enjoy hanging out with other car enthusiasts, perusing car shows, going to cruise nights, watching the races or racing yourself and of course, picking up a wrench and getting things done? Would you like to take the passion and skills that you have and use it to make the world a better place? If so, you have found the right place. Higher Power Automotive Ministries is a Car Club-like organization with the purpose of encouraging fellowship amongst car enthusiast while providing them the opportunity to use their skills to help others with their automotive needs, all in the name of Christ. While getting together for monthly garage tours and cruise nights may be fun, imagine the impact you can have by also spending some time helping repair a car for someone in need. In the Fargo Moorhead area there are thousands of people who are trying to get by, but are struggling because of transportation issues. Think of the single mother who cannot get to work because she can't afford to fix a bad battery in her car, or the elderly widow who can't get to a doctor's appointment because she can't afford some simple winter maintenance. That's where we can help. By partnering with local agencies, we can find those in need and carry that load for them, by using our skills to economically fix their car. We also will take car donations, fix them and provide automobiles to those in need. Sounds like something you are interested in? Join us and see what we are all about!
Higher Power Automotive Ministries
Higher Power Automotive Ministries15 hours ago
We had another great team out this morning working on cars, they fixed two client cars and 4 donated cars, then to make the day perfect, AutoZone brought pizza and pop for our volunteers!! Thank you AutoZone for all of the support you have given us the last few years, but this was above and beyond!
Higher Power Automotive Ministries
Higher Power Automotive Ministries2 days ago
Donated car #90 went out to day! This nice little SUV went to a guy that is working with the F5 Project and has managed to totally turn his life around. We hope this vehicle will be a blessing to him and those around him and enable him to be able to spend more time with his family (who do not live locally).

This is also another example of a car that we discovered had a little more serious work than we were aware of and was outside of the work our volunteers good do, but again Fix It Forward Auto Care came to the rescue and now it's a great vehicle!